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1982, Ancona Landslide


Way back in 1982, December 13 at around 20:45 hours in Ancona, a large, deep landslides, called Barducci, began his movement. It involved different parts of the city: Posatora, Borghetto and partially Torrette. The landslide damaged over 280 buildings. It involved even two hospitals and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the then University of Ancona.

At the time I was working at the Laboratory of Electron Microscopy, an emanation of the Institute of Normal of Human Morphology, directed by Professor Francesco Osculati. The next day, Tuesday 14, with difficulty, and covering the last kilometers on foot, due to disrupted traffic, I reached the Faculty of Medicine. What I saw was striking! The pillars of the concrete structure were broken and bent like some giant had first pushed the building and then had stopped abruptly, so that the first floor had continued to move.

frana3Entering into these rooms, that up to a few days before had been working places, full of hectic shouts of students and research activities was really impressive.
Years later the the memory of the impression you received in walking in the inclined corridors trying to overcome gravity pushing against the walls is still alive. Laboratory doors did not open anymore. Glasses plaster, rubble everywhere. A few days later, with the assistance of the Fire Department, we opened a gap on the outer wall of the laboratory, I dismounted a transmission electron microscope (Philips EM301), and a scanning one (Philips SEM505). Tools that then had cost several hundred million lire The instruments were then put back in place, successfully, in temporary premises in Torrette, where they reorganized and reactivated the Laboratory of Electron Microscopy.
As memory of the events that then shook the lives of many, in remembrance of all those who worked with passion and dedication, I decided to make public the collection of photographs in black and white, that at the time I took inside the Faculty. They are not technically good, but when they were taken, these emotions were definitely not to make one think that they would become historical memory.