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Resistive attenuator

50 ohm 0..91 dB



A simple design for the realization of a small attenuator to 50 ohms, with variable attenuation from 0 to 91 dB in steps of 1 dB. The attenuator and built on a small printed circuit board holdall of about 13.5 cm x 2.5 cm. The variation of attenuation is obtained with the microdeviatori Toggle, in steps of attenuation :1-2-3-5-10-20-20-30 dB. The resistive elements are of the SMD 1206. To achieve the required resistance values, starting from the standard values, are provided by resistors connected in parallel, as can be seen from the circuit diagram. For the attenuation values higher (20-30 dB), is mandatory to the use of electrostatic shields between the two sections of microdeviatori. It 'should not feed the attenuator with a power greater than 1 Watts.


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