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LocandinaEvening Digital Communications

On the evening of November 22, 2013, at the headquarters of ARI Senigallia, there was a technical meeting on Digital Communications.

IK6ZDE, Fabrizio, in a comprehensive overview illustrated the digital modes currently in use, the most common programs currently used, the salient features of said programs, emphasizing their capabilities and limitations. 

I, I6DVX, presented an example of the interfaces between the more classical used today, thinking, for the occasion,  a re-engineering of what the market offers.

Finally IK6PTH, Lorenzo, told us about the CW, certainly the first digital communication way, showing all its vitality and its value. Today it's no longer required to take the telegraphy exam for obtaining the license of radio operator, but Lorenzo has revived the desire of drawing closer to the CW.

Foto di IW6ATU

The evening, which saw the participation of many friends, not only from Senigallia, ended with the purpose of deepening the covered topics . About CW, Lorenzo is available to organize a course for new OM and for the 'old' who want to revive the way we communicate. Fabrizio has taken on the task of organizing a second evening with practical demonstrations of digital communications.

As for me, I make available for download the materials relating the presentation, the interface schematic and its PCB.
Good experimentation! 73 de I6DVX